Monday, 19 March 2012


Over period of time various health enthusiasts have been asking me about various questions regarding dieting, felt it would better if they all are put together for everybody to read:

1.       Will drinking water allow me to lose weight? I suggest you need to analyse your liquid intake if it contains of lots of sugar based drinks and if you replace these servings with water you have good chances of losing weight, however if this not the case very little or rather no chances of weight lose.

2.       I have been skipping meals by either taking heavy breakfast or heavy dinner etc will I lose weight? Your metabolism is likely to slow down and you will start over eating resulting in weight gain. Therefore watch your calories intake and calories burnt out.

3.       Late night eating puts on fats on me, should I skip eating at such time? Please keep a gap of two hours between your dinner and hitting bed, watch calories intake rather that time. Avoid oily food in the night.

4.       What are side effects of dieting? Constipation, depression, irritability, fatigue, muscle weakening, acidity, bad breath, etc.

5.       What is the Worst food that someone should avoid eating? Processed food, fried food, whole milk products (Indian sweets), butter etc. Excess quantity of any food though Indian, Chinese or continental

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Friday, 9 March 2012

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Lower abdomen fats (The stubborn fats)

We all believe that lean body is fit for life; actually it is not true, importance be given to healthy body. The question is how to achieve healthy body?

Please remember since our childhood we are asked to eat well to stay health therefore its practically impossible to really move away from this habit of over eating (especially boys) because girls would normally be eating less in comparison.

We do not realise when we started accumulating lower abdomen fats (the most stubborn), we only realise about fat accumulation on our body once our face starts showing up the symptoms.

I suggest do not wait for this sign, catch up with fat loss in early stages and it would be easy to reduce or cut them completely.

Remember lower abdomen fats are last to go off and are the most difficult to cut, the solution is to correct your internal system immediately.  

I suggest learn Surya Namaskar (an exercise in yoga) along Pranayama immediately, timing morning between (5:30 AM to 6:45 AM) followed by brisk walk for 45 min in the morning if time permits or else in the evening  before dinner, please note – you must go to park.

There should be a 2 hours gap between your dinner and getting into bed. Continue this routine for 3 months to realise that you have started winning over the stubborn fats.

During this period following is the food you should avoid as much as possible in the night: alcohol, oily food, cheese, cottage cheese, ghee, butter, carbohydrate, burger, ice cream, sweets, sugar & by products, especially any drink with lots of sugar in it, and fries.

If you are not aware about Surya Namaskar & Pranayama, I would prefer to put it on the blog soon for your convenience.

Caution: Who should not do Surya Namaskar:

1.       Pregnant women

2.       Patients with heart, hernia, blood pressure, surgery etc

3.       Patients / people suffering from back pain or conditions

4.       Women during menses

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Being Aware!

Being aware is a state of mind which understands about the things happening to you and your body, majority of us are not aware about it.

So what do you mean by being aware, it starts with very basic such as swollen feet, hands, ankles or face. Feeling tired, not feeling like getting out of bed, irritation, repeated cough are few of the indicators.

Please note if this is happening to you time and again be aware, you need to catch few signals your body is sending out. Nothing happens overnight, there are smaller damages happening regularly which we ignore, lets correct them in time.

Hey Stop! Please note you don’t have to be chasing everything like every second or minute but be attentive, do not get obsessed.

Start watching What, When & How Much you eat. Finer correction would get you wonderful results.

Remember starving will not help you to weight loss but rather help to accumulate more fats.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Why do we Gain Weight?

Weight gain is not a overnight phenomena its a process which happens over a period of time however largely it can be due to:
  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Medication
  3. Stress
  4. Menopause (in case of female)
  5. Medical Conditions
Weight gain can lead to side effects such as acidity, cholesterol, heart failure, organ stress, body stress, fatigue and many more problems. The question arises is how to control this, some of the guys may opt for skipping meals and I suggest it’s the worst thing that anybody can do to its body, we opt for eating less again can lead to malnutrition.

 Ask a sincere question, how many of us have gone to gym for one full year without skipping any session, majority would agree that it’s not possible considering our ongoing life style, the situation is going to be more and more difficult to sustain such program.

The only solution is to ensure that you take care of your body right from the age of 30; it is all about being aware.

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